Vision & Values


Our Mission

Our mission is to Enable, Encourage and challenge every student to initiate the lifelong pursuit of learning by providing a safe, nurturing, and Enjoyable environment based on our seven principles:

  • Sound Health Academics
  • Beyond excellence
  • Effective communication Skills
  • Career building & Preparation for Outside competitions
  • Scientific Aptitude
  • International Exposure
  • Holistic Development

Our Aims

We aim at giving our students a comprehensive training for citizenship –the correct approach to study,
Appreciation of art ant literature and capability to work as a team. Our objectives are:

  • To impart ‘value-based education’ rooted in the rich cultural heritage and tradition of India.
  • To activate academic excellence through a team of dedicated teachers.
  • To develop truthfulness, generosity and etiquettes to lay the foundation of a profound character.
  • To transform the nascent mind into a literal creative ideal by providing personalized tender care.
  • To emit pearls of wisdom and metamorphose pupils into proud citizens.
  • To interfuse continuous curriculum alignment with student’ aptitudes, abilities and needs.
  • To blend scholastic achievements with life skills essential for success.
  • To inculcate a deep sense of self- discipline among students.
  • To make every NPSian a being of exceptional culture and learning.
  • To Provide adequate exposure to the children through various competitions, sports and studies.