Rigorous selection process and assessment is Done to pick and choose the best of faculty for the school. Highly-paid faculty is gearing up to Welcome New Children with a personal touch. Comprise the best from all over The State Resource persons are invited from outside to Conduct Seminars and Workshops for students on issues concerning the healthy and an all around development of students. Extension Lectures related to subjects are also delivered to them. Some of the topics dealt with are career Counseling, stress management, positive Thinking, healthy living, learning skills, self Defense etc.


School has its own fleet buses which ply on the routes decided by the school. The routes and pickup points are displayed on the notice board of the school .parents desirous of availing this facility indicate their willingness in the appropriate column of the admission form .it is the sole responsibility of a parent to escort their ward to fro form the fixed bus stops. The bus facility is extended to the parents at their risk and responsibility.


Classrooms and science laboratories are spacious, comfortable and creatively designed with latest equipment, furniture and computer technology to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.


  • Mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology


We believe in sporting excellence and have established academies in the school for badminton, basketball, football, and volleyball. Our aim is to provide a platform to budding talent to develop their abilities. As games and sports activities can be regarded as career options in the future, those found to be highly talented in a particular mode of play will be allowed a more relaxed schedule in class.

Work Experience Art Education, Games & Sports

To explore the hidden talents and to encourage the children to sprout out, Nachiketan public school has a large variety of subjects as a part of art education and work experience. Sprawling grounds invite students to ease the rush of blood in field and track through athletic and different team activities. Provision for training in different games is made available through expert coaching.